Good day, dearest Bodykey-ians!

It’s already day 10 with us, eveyone is doing a great job!

But do remember to take rest as well. Give your body the rest it deserves by getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night and taking 15-20 minute naps. Let’s recharge your energy!

Don’t miss the journey of them on the next Episode 11! Share your dreams and your experiences in public page so you can inspired others too!

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  1. Is the admin here? I realized on the FAQ for this program there are IG reels challenges mentioned. But we’ve watched 10 episodes already but none was mention. May i know if anyone has done it? Or are we missing it?

  2. My dreams are:-
    1. To Achieve Financial Freedom by 2024
    2. To Achieve Time Freedom by 2024
    3. To Achieve Mental Freedom by 2024
    4. To Travel to 7 Continents in the World in My Lifetime

    Although I am currently facing ‘road blocks’ in my business, I will strive to achieve the above dreams no matter what may come. Come let’s continue to move forward towards our goals and dreams!!!