Day 2 – Friendship

Hi, Bodykey-ians. We meet again!

The story is getting exciting!
It was good to have a friend to support us right? Do you have such a supportive friends
like Hani? Come tell us how your friend support you!

Don’t miss the journey of them on Episode 3! Also, say Hi to the people in public feed and get to know new friends. Let’s stay happy and healthy together!

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  1. myDiamond Francis & Agnes selalu membantu dalam menasihatkan kami sekeluarga dalam membina perniagaan amway kami…malah mereka juga mengambil berat sehingga kami rasa ikatan kekeluargaan yang erat…thankyou myDiamond

  2. Hi everyone, I’m Nirosa from Kedah.I have a great best friend who has been with me through all the thicks and thins. He always motivate me and encourage me to be a better version of myself.Anything is possible when we have the right friend there to support us💪🏻

  3. Sometimes it’s possible to stay friends for life and sometimes it isn’t.Friendships are important because they help boost our confidence, happiness, and overall wellbeing.I had a best friend named sarania. We have been friends for 15 years.she is such a loyal and devoted friend.She is so special to me because she understand me every so blessed to have her as my best friend.

  4. I am a foodie and like to share food and chat with my friends. I will join this program because I want to learn more about healthy life. I can also meet more friends.

  5. Hi everyone, I’m Grace. Happy to know that we are all here to complete a same mission, that is to be healthier and to be fit. If we want to go fast, we go alone. If we want to go far, we go together.

  6. Hi all friends. Yes I’ve wonderful friends in Gemstone who are following this program too! To everyone out there, let’s encourage and support one another in this journey towards our dreams of acquiring better health 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Yes we can do it!!!

  7. Hi there, I, am Kak Pah . I do have people that support me, they are my uplines Platinum Khairul Najmi n Tengku Syazwani, Sapphire Hasani n Amelia . My mentors n uplines are very helpful , they always encourage me to go through this journey for staying healthy n fit. They guide me how to take meals via suku2 separuh meal , choose the right n healthy foods. Maintain the healthy lifestyle everyday. Be consistence n persistence. When u are in a group u will feel motivated.