Everyone is doing great…! We are finally at Day 20 and tomorrow will be the end of the programme.
Give yourself a shoulder pat for a job well done and for not giving up.

Today we learn about the difference between carbs and I’m sure now everyone knows which carbs to choose right?

Well, I’m sure everyone has learned a lot through our virtual journey together… so today we’ll skip the workouts and lessons. It’s an important day to look back before you join the journey and look within yourself now. What we want to do today is self-reflection and share with us what you gain through these 20 days and let us know in the comments section of this post. We are all here to learn and be a better version of ourselves, so don’t be shy.

Alright, Bodykey-ians, we’ll leave you with your thoughts, and no matter what, you guys did a great job…! So be kind to yourself and take it easy for this challenge. See you Bodykey-ians tomorrow for the final day

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