Great job Bodykey-ians!

You’ve completed your first milestone…! Have you tried the beauty filter at to see how you would look slimmer? Also, remember to keep track of your health so you know what to do and what not to do. Don’t lose track of your health.

How is today’s story? Is everyone learning from Max? Oh, and don’t forget to claim your rewards…! If you missed it after finishing the episode, don’t worry, it can be found on your user page under progress tracking!

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  1. Yes 🥰 what Max said really caught my attention especially the part where he said to Lily “if you wanna look like yourself in d apps,you need to put in efforts”

  2. Dear admin, I try post my photo n comment after the video several times, but when I checked on my time line, there’s no post n also my progress tracking still the same as yesterday. Pls advise.